The buzz about Zumbo:

Zumbo by K.J. Houtman

Kali Parmley

“As a leading writer and hunter in the outdoor industry, Jim Zumbo’s story needed to be told! Houtman has allowed readers a first-person glimpse into the life of a man who saw a rise to fame, a fall from grace, and a true test of resilience.” - Kali Parmley, editor, outdoor writer, hunter

Hilary Dyer

Zumbo is a fascinating peek behind the curtain into the career of one of the country’s best-known outdoor writers. Jim Zumbo’s contributions to the hunting industry go so much deeper than the infamous blog and its fallout, and K.J. Houtman’s skilled storytelling pulls the reader in to discover the man behind the controversy.”  - Hilary Dyer, editor at Grand View Outdoors 


“When the firestorm erupted, the most common question was, ‘What was he thinking?’ Zumbo is the long-awaited answer to that question, but it’s far more. Houtman gives us a poignant look at the life which sculpted the career of one of the greatest hunting communicators of the ‘golden era’ of outdoor writing.”  - Bill Miller, former editor of North American Hunter magazine and co-author of Reflections Under the Big Pine

Larry Weishuhn

“If K.J. Houtman’s Zumbo came with aromas it would remind you of campfire smoke, trout frying on an open fire, and steaming cowboy coffee, mixed with a dash of burned gunpowder. Zumbo takes us from life’s highs to lows and back again in the fascinating true story of Jim Zumbo. The man and the legend will leave you wanting more!”  - Larry Weishuhn, wildlife biologist, outdoor writer, hunter

J. Wayne Fears

“In Zumbo, the sometimes rocky, always interesting, climb up the outdoor ladder takes the glamour and fame out of outdoor journalism and replaces it with the reality of hard work, near constant travel and personal sacrifices. His fall from grace made the man a better man. Great storytelling skills to highlight a living legend in the outdoor industry.”

- J. Wayne Fears, award-winning outdoor writer and author of Isaac