Bill Miller

K.J. Houtman


Reflections Under the Big Pine recounts more than 50 stories, each providing a cloudless glimpse of God’s divine plan. Inspired by the hoot of a Great Horned Owl, a foggy morning boat ride, a 10-pound walleye in the net, or the loyalty of a great bird dog, these stories offer respite in God’s creation and appreciation for loved ones along the way. 

Reflections Under the Big Pine​​

Co-authored by K.J. Houtman and Bill Miller, this collection of more than 50 faith-building devotionals bring the outdoors into your daily reading. You'll enjoy the hunting and fishing themed stories and the daily faith application. 


"Every time I try to find materials to use for our Men's Group, I struggle finding the balance between too deep of a study and just not deep enough.  When I ran across Reflections Under the Big Pine, I 
found a book that blends real  life stories with scripture. The best part is all the stories tie into fishing, hunting, and the outdoor life. Our goal was to use the book for one year, but we are now starting our second year with the book and are barely halfway through the book. The reason we've moved through it slowly, is this book opens up conversation like I have never seen in my years as a pastor. The stories relate so well that the conversation explodes. Our group has shared so many great stories because of this book, with many laughs and many tears shed. We learned so much about each other, grew closer in friendship, and watched the faith of the members of this group flourish." -- Pastor Charlie Moore Madison, South Dakota

"​An exceptional collection of authentic stories that reflect directly on God’s relationship with nature lovers. They stirred my spirit. The prayers at the end of each story may become favorites for generations to come.”  -- Laurie Lee Dovey  Lake Lanier, Georgia

“Wonderful stories of nature, reminding us of God’s presence in our lives.” -- Ron Davidson  Plymouth, Minnesota

“Filled with inspiring stories from real people, this wonderful devotional lifts your spirits high with positive messages that steer clear of preachy. A must read for anyone who loves the outdoors.” -- Cheryl Brandt  Minneapolis, Minnesota